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VW Type 1,2,3,4 Service Manual CD

VW Type 1,2,3,4 Service Manual CD

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Volkswagen Types 1,2,3,4: 1969-1979 Official Factory Microfiche Archived on CD-ROM This Volkswagen Official Factory Microfiche Archived on CD-ROM contains a comprehensive archive of the factory information as originally published by Volkswagen of America for North American Dealer Technicians. The CD-ROMs capture the original look and feel of the information, with the added benefit of hyperlinks to allow simple access and navigation through the information you need. This CD-ROM is a comprehensive source of Volkswagen maintenance and repair procedures, body adjustments and wiring diagrams. Volkswagen Beetle (Type I) 1969 Engines covered in this air-cooled Volkswagen repair manual: Volkswagen air cooled Type I: 1.5L 4-cylinder (code H) 1.6L 4-cylinder (codes B, AE, AH, AK, AJ, AM) 1.8L 4-cylinder (codes AP, AW, ED) 2.0L 4-cylinder (code CJ, GD, GE) Volkswagen air cooled Type II: 1.6L 4-cylinder (codes B, AE) 1.7L 4-cylinder (codes CA, CB, CD) 1.8L 4-cylinder (codes AW, ED) Volkswagen air cooled Type III: 1.6L 4-cylinder (codes U, X) Volkswagen air cooled Type IV: 1.7L 4-cylinder (codes W, EA, EB) 1.8L 4-cylinder (code EC) Transmisions covered in this air-cooled Volkswagen repair manual: Volkswagen air cooled Type 1: 3-speed semi-automatic (codes BA, BE, BG) 4-speed manual (codes AH, AT, GA) 3-speed automatic (codes NB, NC, ND, NE, NF, NG) 4-speed manual (codes CM, CN, CP, CT) Volkswagen air cooled Type 2: 3-speed automatic (codes NA, NB) 4-speed manual (codes CA, CK, CN) Volkswagen air cooled Type 3: 3-speed automatic (code EB) 4-speed manual (code DA, DC) Volkswagen air cooled Type 4: 3-speed automatic (codes EG, EH, EK, EM) 4-speed manual (codes FA, FC, FE) Volkswagen Beetle (Type I) bumper reinforcement VWType 1,2,3,4 69-79(2CD SET)FICHE


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