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VW machining services are important for the life of your engine and drive train.

For Air Cooled Engines

We would be more than happy if you cleaned any of your engine parts before sending in for work.
But we will clean them as you wish.

Engine Case Align Boring & Thrust Cutting.
If there is a ridge on any of the main bearing journals that you can catch  your fingernail on, then your case needs align boring. Align boring will hold those bearings tight and keep the oil pressure going to the bearings where it's needed.

Align bore. $60
Thrust cut to a standard size. $20
Thrust cut custom size with bearing to match. $30
Clean case $60.00.

Pack your case in a box and send it to us. You can leave the head studs in or take them out. We'll clean the case if needed and machine it as needed ,  plus shipping back to you.

Cam Alignment Boring
We machine the center cam bore true with the ends. Sometimes the center gets warped and this process makes it straight again. The cost is only $20 with align bore job and ensures the cam won't bind on the center journal.

Case Saver Inserts
Cylinder head studs were made in 10mm and 8mm sizes. If you have 10mm that have stripped out or haven't yet, we can install Time-Sert locking thread inserts to make the studs stay in and the heads stay on tight and not leak.

Pack your case in a box, (you can take the head studs out or leave them in), and send it to us. We'll clean the case for $60.00, remove the studs for $20.00 and install the case saver inserts for $100.00, plus 16 inserts for $24,  plus shipping back to you.

Full Flow Oil Filter
This is the best investment you can make in your VW engine.
The stock VW engine doesn't have an oil filter, only a screen. A full flow oil filter system sends all of the oil through an oil filter before it goes to the bearings.   Adding a full flow oil filter system increases the life of your engine simply by keeping the oil clean.

Pack your case in a box and send it to us. You can leave the head studs in. We'll clean the case for $60.00 and machine it for full flow for $40.00,  plus shipping back to you. Include your oil pump and we'll tap and install a plug for free. We can supply the fittings, hoses and filter mount if you need them.

Clearancing for Longer Stroke Crankshafts Done By Hand
Not by a machine that removes more metal then necessary!

When building an engine with a longer stroke crankshaft, the engine case needs to be opened up for the additional swing of the crankshaft and connecting rods. We do the job entirely by hand, removing only the minimum amount of metal, keeping the engine case as strong as possible.  We need your crank and rods to do the job right, unless we're supplying them.

Send us the case, crank and rods and we'll do a beautiful job. $60.00 to clean the case, $200.00 for clearancing,  plus shipping back to you.

Often, the camshaft needs clearancing for the extra stroke of the rods.

If you send it along, or if we are supplying it, we'll machine it for $40.00

Boring for Larger Cylinders
Planning on building an engine with machine in 88's, 90, 90.5, 92, 94mm pistons?
Your engine case will need to be bored out. We can machine the case.

Pack your case in a box, along with one of the cylinders and send it to us.
You can take the head studs out or leave them in.
We'll clean the case if or as needed $60.00, remove the studs for $20.00 if needed, bore a stock case for the larger cylinders for $100.00,  plus shipping back to you. (Boring from one larger size to another larger size is extra.)

Clearancing the Case for High Lift Camshafts
Most high lift camshafts cause the lifters to hit the case.  We can machine the case and/or the lifters as needed to eliminate this interference.

Pack your case in a box and send it to us. You can leave the head studs in. We'll clean the case if needed, clearance the lifter bores for $20.00 and machine the lifters for $60.00,  plus shipping back to you.

Valve Jobs
Refacing the valves and remachining the valve seats are the main part of reconditioning the cylinder heads and restoring good compression. 

You can send us your complete heads. We disassemble and clean the heads, machine all valve seats with 3 angles, regrind the valves and hand lap for the perfect long lasting seal, all for $150.00 for a pair of heads, plus shipping them back to you. New exhaust valves or valve guides are an additional cost priced upon inspection.

Any of the following options can be added to a valve job or done separately.

Cylinder Head Flycutting
If your cylinder heads are leaking, they may have a ridge worn into the cylinder seating surface.  If you can see black areas where the cylinder edge should be sealed, your heads need to be Flycut to true up the surface flat again so the cylinders seal.

You can send us your complete heads.  We'll disassemble and clean them for $60.00 a pair, Flycut them for $50.00 a pair for stock size, $60.00 a pair for larger than stock size,  plus shipping back to you.

Cylinder Head Boring
Cylinder heads as well as engine cases need to be bored out for larger cylinders to fit. We can bore out the heads for cylinder sizes like 88mm, 90.5mm, 92mm, 94mm.

You can send us your complete heads and a cylinder if you have one or we can supply them.  We'll disassemble and clean them for $60.00 a pair, Bore them for $100.00 a pair, plus shipping back to you. (Boring from one larger size to another larger size is extra.)

Cylinder Head Semi-Hemi Cutting
This is an optional way to lower your compression without having to stack a lot of shims under the cylinders. We can machine your heads combustion chambers in a Semi-Hemi shape, increasing the volume of the chamber, which lowers the compression ratio. This is a good way to eliminate premature detonation or "pinging" when running regular low octane gas.

Send us your heads. We'll disassemble and clean them for $60.00 a pair, Semi-Hemi cut them for $50.00 a pair,  plus shipping back to you.

Cylinder Head CC'ing
In order to know or set your compression ratio, you need to know the volume of the combustion chambers. When doing any other work on your heads, we can measure the cc's in the combustion chambers and supply you with a printout of the compression ratio for your size engine.
Add $15.00 to any cylinder head work.

Valve Guide Tapering
Tapering the intake valve guides increases the flow of the intake mixture around the valve guide. When doing a valve job or cylinder head porting, we can machine a taper on the valve guides before installation for $32.00 per set of four intake valve guides.

Machine for Dual Springs
Installation of dual valve springs for higher revving with high performance camshafts requires the valve guide bosses to be machined to accept the smaller diameter inner spring. We can machine the bosses on a pair of heads for $40.00 when doing any other head work. Add $30.00 for disassembly and cleaning one pair of heads.

Removing Broken Studs or Bolts
We can remove and replace those broken or damaged exhaust studs for $20.00 for the first one and $15.00 for each additional one while the cylinder heads are in for any other type work. Helicoil thread insert add $2.00, new stud add $2.00
Broken drill or tap removal from the head are priced upon inspection.

Spark Plug Thread Repair
We can repair most stripped spark plug threads with a threaded Time-Sert insert for $15.00 each. Time-Sert inserts are locked in place not to come out when changing your spark plugs like other types.

Cylinder Head Porting & Polishing
Opening up the ports of the cylinder heads is an advantage in getting more power from you engine. We can perform this service for you based upon your engine size and other components. This work is priced based on your requirements.

Welding Aluminum
If you have a broken exhaust mounting boss or a cracked or broken off cylinder head fin, we can repair it. We can weld broken or cracked pieces of cylinder heads or anything else aluminum or steel. We can only price the repair upon inspection.


8 Dowel Crankshaft/Flywheel to match $75
This can only be done if both parts are supplied together. The flywheel and crankshaft will be drilled and reamed for an extra 4 dowel pins at the same time, ensuring a perfect match.

8 Dowel Crankshaft to Match Existing 8 Dowel Flywheel $60
This can only be done if both parts are supplied together. The crankshaft will be drilled and reamed to an 8 Dowel Flywheel, ensuring a perfect match.

8 Dowel Flywheel $40
The flywheel will be drilled and reamed using an an 8 dowel offset fixture.

Connecting Rod Rebushing $48
Part of a good engine overhaul is checking the connecting rod bushings. If you can wiggle the piston wrist pin, the rod bushing need to be replaced and honed to size.
We can replace the bushings and hone to the size of the piston pin to keep the piston and rings going straight up and down in the cylinder for $60.00 per set of four. We'll also weigh the rods and make sure they are within 5 grams in the set.

Cylinder Honing
When the crosshatch lines are worn away, the piston rings won't seal.  Honing the cylinders for $60.00 per set of four may be the answer. If they are worn too bad, new piston and cylinders are the solution.

See our Catalog Engine Sections for new parts.

Pushrod Length Sizing
When building an engine, if you add shims under the cylinders, you may need longer pushrods. We can machine new uncut pushrods to the correct length and install the ends for $30.00 set.

Other Machine Work

Piston Glass Beading
To clean out the ring grooves for new rings  $7.50 each

Ball Joints Pressed
Beetles $25.00 each   Buses $60.00 each

Wheel Bearings Pressed
Front Wheel Drive $40.00 - $50.00 each depending on model.

Link and King Pin Spindles Rebuilt
We clean, disassemble, replace king pin bushings and ream to the proper size with the VW tool,
reassemble. New link pin bushings installed at no extra charge. $150 plus parts.
Parts are King Pin Bushing Set and Link Pin Bushing Set

Shipping Info

Just pack it in a box, include a note with the work you want done, your name, address and phone numbers.

You can send it by one of those Parcel or Mailbox places, or by the Post Office, or by any number of shipping companies like UPS, FedEX or DHL.

Send to:
302 Wembly Way
Severna Park, MD 21146
We'll contact you, do the work and ship it back to you. Payment can be made by credit card, paypal, or money order. Checks take time to clear.


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