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Revo Technik Performance Software unleashes the true potential of your Volkswagen or Audi; improving power,
torque, drivability and throttle response. All of our software, programming and tuning equipment is designed
in house and our performance software is installed without any physical alterations to your vehicle.
Revo Technik engine performance software is designed to enhance your vehicle and bring out its true performance

The Volkswagen Audi Group have strict requirements that have to be met by each and every vehicle they produce;
performance and power output is often governed by emissions laws and corporate marketing policy. Add to this the
fact that most vehicles have to cope in varying climates over the globe and have to run on varying quality of fuel
and you’re left with cars that run nowhere near to their true potential. This is where Revo comes in and
opens up the untapped performance from your vehicle.

Revo software improves the power, torque, and responsiveness of the standard engine giving you more flexibility
while working within factory safety parameters and retaining smoothness, reliability and fuel economy.
More power gains are achieved from performance modified engines with cold air intakes, bigger cams and exhaust.

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